Mock Trial Club

Mock Trial Club

  • Here is the link to the 2016 Mock Trial Workbook:


    Here is a brief summary of the case:

    • After the tragic Hurricane back in 2012, many houses along the shore were cleared out for rennovations. During this time, many teenagers would break into these homes, without any intent to harm or steal, but to chill. The called it skirting.
    • One night long after the storm, a group of 4 teenagers attempted to go skirting on the property of Jordan Abrahms. They had assumed he and his family were not home, so they unlawfully entered the home in the middle of the night. After using a broom to break the glass and enter, the 4 teenagers heard an elderly woman inside, scared and shouting. They went inside to check it out, however they did not realize the woman was screaming at them.
    • As they approached the woman, the homeowner, Jordan Abrahms, woke up and went out into the hallway to see what was going on. Being an ex-military solder, he had guns in the house and he took one with him. As the teenager was approaching his mother (the elderly woman) he fired a shot into the teenager, immediatley killing him.
    • Jordan Abrahms is now on trial for the murder of the teenager.


    The burdon of proof is on the prosecution to show Mr. Abrahms acted recklessly, intentionally, and with malice.

    The defense is arguing that Mr. Abrahms was acting in defense of his family and he is not liable for the murder.