Study Tips and Homework Help

  • Helpful Study Tips:

    1. Create study cards using index cards.

    2. Go to . Type in topic into seach box. 

    Good sites to use: Bozeman Science, Crash course, Red Orbit, Clearly Stated, Amoeba Sisters(Biology) , Bill Nye, Khan Academy, Tutor Guy, Pacific Media. Sciencemusic videos., Thefuseschool, TedEd. Ex. Type in Bozeman Science and Photosyntheis. The Bozeman videos should be listed first but other videos related to any topic will be listed as well.


    3. Review notes ten minutes a night. Notes are posted on Google Classroom. Also utilize Quizizz posted on Google Classroom.

    4. Go to or any other search engine (bing). Type in topic plus the word "interactive" .  For example : Cell Transport interactive web sites. Periodic Table interactive web sites. Biodiversity interactive web sites. This should take you to web sites with tutorials, quizzes and other resources for homework or for studying. Also has many interactive resources to help with home work and studying as well as


    5. Complete homework assignments on time. This re-enforces what was taught in class.


    6. Attend SAP for extra help. Sap days are: Tuesday and Thursday  in room 323. Extra help after SAP- any day except Tuesday, 2:30- 3:00.