• English 12

    Mrs. Gaines - Room 407



    Congratulations, you have made it to your senior year of high school!  Welcome to English 12. I hope to share an excellent year with each of you.  As seniors, you have an important role to play. You are the role models for all of the underclassmen.  You are now preparing to enter college, technical schools, the military, and the work force. I intend to help prepare you for your future plans.  In order for you to be ready for new endeavors come June, you can expect a rigorous workload. It is expected that you will complete homework and come to class prepared to work both independently and cooperatively with your peers.


    -1 English binder with loose leaf OR 1 notebook with a folder for papers

    -Pen or pencil


    Course Description:

    English 12 provides a survey of selected works in British literature from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present. Emphasis is placed on historical background, and literary analysis of selected prose, poetry, and drama. Upon completion, students will be able to analyze, interpret and respond to literary works in a variety of forms. English 12 also focuses on teaching writing skills development emphasizing the writing process, i.e. careful planning, drafting, revising and editing as well as the use of Standard English language conventions for sentence structure, syntax,mechanics and correct usage in all written work.


    Student Evaluation:

    Students will be evaluated on tests, quizzes, homework, projects, oral presentations, composition work,classroom participation, as well as the midterm and final.



    Below are some of the texts that you can expect to read this year, though the list may change:

    -The Glass Castle Jeannette Walls


    -Macbeth - William Shakespeare

    -The Canterbury Tales - Geoffrey Chaucer

    -“Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”

    -”Federigo’s Falcon” - Giovanni Boccaccio

    -Poems, including various Shakespearean sonnets

    -“A Modest Proposal” - Jonathan Swift


    Major Writing Assignments:

    College essay, constructed responses, literary analysis essays, research paper     


    Grading Policy:


    Summative Assessments:   70% of your overall quarter grade

    Formative Assessments:     30% of your overall quarter grade

    Midterm:        10% of your final grade

    Final:        10% of your final grade


    Class Participation:

    This includes both participation in class activities as well as behavior.  You should be prepared for class daily. Your phone should not be seen or heard unless I have instructed you to use it.  When working in groups, you should participate, but you should also leave time to hear what your group members think. Do Now journals will also be graded at random times to ensure that you are completing your work each day.  They will count as summatives.



    Homework will be assigned in each class.  It is expected that you complete each of these assignments, or you will quickly fall behind.


    Late Work:

    If you are late with an essay or project, you will lose 10 points per day that it is late. Homework will also receive a late grade if it is not turned in on time.  It will not be accepted after the cut-off date.


    Make-Up Work:

    If you have an excused absence, you can turn in your assignment on the next class period for full credit.  You have the same amount of time to make up your work as the number of days you were absent. If you have an unexcused absence, or were caught cutting class, you will not be allowed to make up any missed work.  If you come to class late, you need to make up any missing work during SAP.



    It will be taken daily.  No more than 20 absences are allowed per school year, as per your handbook. 10 or more unexcused tardies per marking period will put you into credit recovery.  12 or more absences per marking period and you will receive no credit. If you arrive more than 45 minutes into the period, it will count as an absence.



    You are expected to wear your school uniform every day.  Students without proper attire will not be allowed to enter the classroom.  Shirts: collared, green, white, or grey, or an appropriate team or LBHS shirt in those colors.  Pants: khaki or black dress pants.


    Academic Integrity Policy:

    Students are expected to avoid all dishonest behavior in relation to academic work.  Such behavior may include (but is not limited to) failing to document borrowed words or ideas from research sources, handing in the work of another, turning in an essay submitted for a different class, or copying during an exam.  For unintentional plagiarism, student will receive a 0 with an option to redo the assignment for a late grade. For intentional plagiarism, or any plagiarism that occurs after the first offense, student will receive a 0 without the option to redo the assignment.  Parents and administrators will be notified.


    Classroom Policies:

    -Get to class by sound of the bell.  If you are late, you will sign your name into the detention book and schedule an after school detention with me.  If you fail to attend the detention, you will be written up.


    -Begin your Do Now activity when you get to class.  You don’t need to wait until I ask you to get started as you can expect an activity on the board or on a sheet of paper each day.


    -Keep bags off of the desk.


    -Keep your cell phone and any other electronic devices silenced and away during class unless I ask you to use them.  Headphones should not be visible.


    -Raise your hand before you speak (unless working in a small group).


    -You can use the restroom occasionally, when you really need to.  You will not be allowed to go to the bathroom every day. Please ask permission.


    -Do not pack up before the end of class.  Stay in your seat until I dismiss you. If I am still speaking when the bell rings, wait for me to tell you that it is acceptable to leave.


    -Respect yourself, your peers, and all faculty.  There are no stupid questions. I want EVERY student to feel safe to speak his or her mind.  


    Extra Help:

    SAP period on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in room 407.


    *Syllabus may be subject to change