• Duck Duck Goose

    by Greenwood Length: :45
    One of our class favorite activities.....giant games of duck duck goose! Whose faster then Mrs Langel???
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  • Gak!

    by Nik Greenwood Length: 2:00
    Here is a small portion of the science project we did today which expanded the definition of observations beyond just what we see, to also what we feel.

    This is actually the end of the project where we have already combined the corn starch and the water and saw the changes with our eyes. We compared the white, soft, flour type substance, to what it became when we added water. Some of the students were also able to grasp the concept of a solid and a liquid. And some were able to draw comparisons to milk, liquids, glue, and other matter that had a similar touch and feel in their eyes.

    And you have to bear with me on the cinematography, it isn't easy to teach and record at the same time hahaha.
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  • Yoshi Concert

    by Nik Greenwood Length: 1:00
    Here's a peak of our students enjoying the song "5 Little Monkeys" performed by Yoshi for our patriotic concert!
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  • Our classroom!

    by Nik Greenwood Length: 2:02
    Come take an inside look at our classroom before the kids arrive, in its most basic form. 
    As the kids arrive one of the first tasks they will have is to decorate the room with their work.
    Displaying student work, 3d art, and crafts enables them to develop a sense of pride as well taking ownership in the room. 
    It wont be the room that the teacher decorated and set up, it will be our room. 
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