• May 22nd

    Posted by Nikolas Greenwood on 5/22/2012 2:45:00 PM
    We made it on our trip!!
    Wow were we lucky. We caught a break with the weather and got to go on our trip to bayshore water port today.
    The children got to engage in 4 different activities. First we had a lesson about shells, how they are created, who lives in them, and why they are different.
    Next we had a lesson about jelly fish and got to create some jellies of our own :)
    Next and the most exciting, Mr Greenwood and one of the workers went out into the water with a huge fishing net and brought fish back onto the beach for us to pick up and rescue into a bucket! We saw baby silver fish, shrimp, and a baby flounder.
    Then we got to walk up and down the beach and look at more shells and collect a few.
    It was a great time and so lucky to not have rain today.
    Hopefully the rain holds off for your trip to the beach tomorrow as well!
    Have a good night
    Greenwood & Langel
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  • May 21st

    Posted by Nikolas Greenwood on 5/21/2012 2:45:00 PM
    Hi there!
    Today was the start of what should be a very fun and interesting week! But we need the weather to cooperate a little better the next few days  (fingers crossed).
    To begin our discussion of fish, we observed some videos of the under water world and drew pictures of what we saw. By actually pretending to be submarines and recording our observations, children were engaged in prewriting and literature skills.
    We also spent a good deal of time playing the card game Go Fish. This is a card game that every one of our students is able to play with minimal help or with a friend. Simply take a deck of cards with the numbers 2-10 and ask each other do you have a number 2? If the other does then you receive it, if not they say go fish and you pick up a new card. The goal is to match all of the numbers in a pile. Whomever has the most sets at the end wins. Try it out.
    The next two days we should be on field trips to Bayshore park and Seven Presidents Park (weather permitting) Please remember to dress your children in appropriate clothing (sneakers). It should be a great time.
    Greenwood & Langel
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  • May 17th

    Posted by Nikolas Greenwood on 5/17/2012 2:45:00 PM
    Its me again :)
    Today we discussed the life cycle of a caterpillar and how they transform into butterflies. The children were fascinated by the process, even though many had heard the story before.
    In small group we made caterpillars from wood and pipe cleaners, and worked on some butterfly math using wings and numerals.
    Tomorrow we will be having out petting zoo...that we were supposed to have about 3 weeks ago. better late then never i guess?
    A book we read to day was the very hungry caterpillar. Ask your student why the caterpillar was so hungry? What happened to him when he ate all of the food? What would happen if we eat all of that food?
    Happy conversation
    Greenwood & Langel
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  • May 16th

    Posted by Nikolas Greenwood on 5/16/2012 2:45:00 PM
    Hey! Thanks for checking in with us today :)
    In clues and questions we discussed the spider! Children learned that spiders are not actually insects but are just spiders. They are different from insects in that they only have 2 body parts but have 8 legs. We also pointed out some similarities, such as antennas and behavior.
    To help discuss spider webs, we made a giant web in class out of string and saw that a spider could use it to trap something in it or to live on.
    When we went outside we observed what a water spout was to make the connection with the itsy bitsy spider and why the water washed him out when it rained.
    In small group we used lady bug cut outs and dot markers to do some basic addition :)
    Tomorrow we will discuss a new insect, a magical insect which starts as a worm and becomes an insect ;)
    Greenwood & Langel
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  • May 15th

    Posted by Nikolas Greenwood on 5/15/2012 2:45:00 PM
    Good afternoon!
    Apologies for my absence yesterday, it turned out to be a very hectic afternoon! But I digress,
    This we we are discussing bugs and insects. These tiny animals are everywhere! Have you ever stood in your back yard and just looked down at the ground to see how many ant hills there are, or looked under a rock to find beetles and worms? Well that is exactly what we will be doing all week.
    Yesterday we began with looking for and discussing ants and what ants do, live, and eat.
    Today we discussed the busy bee. Children were able to identify a bee as the insect which provides honey. With this knowledge we discussed how honey is made and what bees do to help flowers grow.
    We are also using this week as a opportunity to highlight begining math with many opportunities throughout the day to "add" and combine two parts of something to make a whole.
    See if you can have some conversations at home that use addition terms and thinking of things as a hole. For example, you could ask "well how many forks do we have on the table, and how many knives are out for dinner. Now how many utensils do we have all together?" or be tricky and say you have "8 utensils on the table, but how many do I have of each?"
    Have a good evening
    Greenwood & Langel i
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  • May 11th

    Posted by Nikolas Greenwood on 5/11/2012 2:45:00 PM
    Hi there and happy Friday!
    Sun is shining today so everyone is a little bit happier :)
    Today in large group we read a funny story called Miss Moo went to the zoo. Ask the children to recap the book for you, what they saw, what they heard, and what was most memorable for them.
    Since the weather was optimal, we went out and had a picnic before we played some gross motor games on the west lawn, and then came back into class to finish up a few projects for the week. A couple special ones for a certain someone on Sunday ;)
    At the end of the day we tried to start thinking about what we will be learning about next week. Insects! Please help your children get ready for next week by pointing out insects you see around your yard and try to not be afraid!!! :)
    Have a great weekend :)
    Greenwood & Langel
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  • May 9th

    Posted by Nikolas Greenwood on 5/9/2012 2:45:00 PM
    Hooray for Wednesday! But boo for the wetness and rain :( guess we didn't get the April showers so we need this for the may flowers.
    Today at large group we looked at how various animals move and why they might do what they do. We talked about how monkeys have long arms so that they can swing from trees, while elephants have large feet to hold themselves up, things of that nature.
    In small group we worked in the sand and water table to make islands and ponds while discussing where and why snakes, lizards, frogs and such animals live in that type of habitat.
    The rain put a damper on the day but it was still as fun as always.
    Till tomorrow,
    Greenwood & Langel             
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  • May 7th

    Posted by Nikolas Greenwood on 5/7/2012 2:45:00 PM
    Happy Monday!
    Hope you all had a good weekend :)
    Today we began our unit on zoo and animals that are not pets or farm animals. We started today by identifying zoo animals based on their sounds and characteristics such as how they walk or what they are well known for. It was astonished as to how much they collectively already knew. As the week goes on we will explore various types of animals, view them in their natural habitat and have general discussions around them.
    In small group we painted various zoo animals, explore illustrations, books, and pictures of animals, and acted out going tot he zoo. We also built a zoo in block lab. We also used the planet earth series to see animals in their own light and to better understand how they behave. We attempted to draw what we saw.
    Tonight when your students come home, ask them to recall some of the animals we discussed and how they act.
    Until tomorrow
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  • May 4th

    Posted by Nikolas Greenwood on 5/4/2012 2:50:00 PM
    Happy Friday!
    The kids had a good time at family fitness night for those that came!
    Today in large group we talked about the different sounds that animals make and played a guessing game describing animal characteristics and feature. It was sort of a review of the entire week.
    We also had a Cinco de mayo assembly and danced and sang some Mexican heritage songs for cultural diversity.
    In small group we continued the three little pigs activity but this time the students acted it out and I just got to sit back and facilitate. Its wonderful to watch how they have grown and matured over the course of the year.
    Next week will be Zoo week. The home link should be available now, but may have to change the week you are viewing to see it. The letter of the week will be the letter Z..
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Greenwood & Langel
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  • May 3rd

    Posted by Nikolas Greenwood on 5/3/2012 2:45:00 PM
    When will it stop raining!!!! Rain is a preschool teachers arch enemy.
    Anyways, so today we got back on track after missing Mrs Langel all day yesterday, she returned! Very happy to see her things and what we had done.
    In large group we discussed our clothing and how some of our clothing comes from farms. The students were very taken back by this and had no idea what I was talking about. So we watched a few video clips about wool and cotton farming and how those materials are turned into thread that is used to make clothing. Interesting what they learn in a day.
    As the day progressed we played musical chairs again, and tried to stay as clean as possible.
    We read the three little pigs as our story tree book today and then did a science lesson around it. We attempted to build houses out of various materials, shaving cream, sticks, toothpicks, blocks, and them tried to blow them down using a hair dryer. The only two structures to survive.......the blocks and the shaving cream!!
    We did have our picture day today and all order forms were turned it, kids are always so cute so I'm sure you will be happy with he pictures.
    Tomorrow we will be having a Cinco de Mayo assembly and celebration to discuss the holiday as part of our cultural diversity :)
    Have a great night
    Greenwood & Langel
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