Syllabus for




    Long Branch High School

    Mrs. Sanders

    2015 - 2016


    Table of Contents


    Cover Sheet _______________________________________________________________________1

    Table of Contents ________________________________________________________________2

    Course Overview _________________________________________________________________ 3

    Course Objectives ________________________________________________________________ 3

    Organization of Course _________________________________________________________ 4

    Student Evaluation _____________________________________________________________ 4

    Texts and Study Materials ______________________________________________________ 4

    Classroom Expectations/Rules_________________________________________________ 5

    Contract  _________________________________________________________________________ 6



    Course Overview:

    This course is a college preparatory course in sociology and psychology. The sociology portion will survey the different forms and structures of societies and the reasons for the differences including patterns of behavior. An examination of the American institutions such as the family, education and religion will be part of the psychology. The theories of Freud, Skinner, Erickson and others will be studied. All of the modern schools of psychology will be investigated in an effort to understand what factors shape one’s personality. How psychology is applied in education, parenthood and social situations will be covered. A research paper and autobiography will be required of all students in this course.


    Course Objectives:

    1. Students will be able to explain what group is in terms of origin of groups, development of

    group behavior and interaction of groups.

    2. Students will be able to analyze the ways in which groups influence social institutions, teach

    individuals what is appropriate and inappropriate, facilitate change and hinder it, indicate status,

    class and power level and show prejudice and discrimination.

    3. Students will be able to explain the basic characteristics of culture and analyze how cultures


    4. Students will be able to understand how cultures pass values, beliefs, and traditions to the next

    generation and sanction behaviors.

    5. Students will be able to understand the sociological perspective and apply that perspective to

    their own reality.









    Student Evaluation

    This course will adhere to Long Branch High School’s grading policy listed as follows:












    • Summative Assessments = 70% of grade

      • i.e. Exams, Essays, and Projects


    • Formative Assessment = 30% of grade

      • i.e. Homework, Quizzes, In-class activities



    Texts and Study Materials

    • Texts

      • Macionis, John J., Sociology. Tenth Edition. Pearson Prentice Hall. New Jersey. 2005


    • Supplementary Materials:

      • Primary Source Materials- (speeches, letters, diaries, treaties, photographs, newspapers,)

      • Secondary Source Materials- (journal articles, current events, magazine articles)






















    Classroom Expectations & Rules:

    1. Arrive to class prepared- binder to record notes, folder to store worksheets, handouts, homework, writing utensil, completed assignments.

    2. Uniform:

      1. Pants/Dresses/Skirts:  must be khaki colored. In addition, male and female students may choose to wear black dress slacks or black “khaki style” pants; female students can also wear black dress skirts or green plaid dress skirts.

      2. Tops: Solid dark green, gray or white collared shirts, collared blouses, turtlenecks.

      3. Outerwear: dark green, gray or white sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn over the collared shirts.

      4. Shoes: shoes or sneakers must be worn at all times

        *You will not be allowed in the classroom if you are not in your uniform. You may not put your uniform on once you are in the room, all dressing must be done prior to entering the classroom- NO EXCEPTIONS*

    3. Be on time- a pattern of tardiness will result in a referral, call home, and detention

    4. Absences- more than twenty absences from a course will result in an automatic failure. You must attend class. If you are absent you have one day to makeup the missed work. You are responsible to see me for missed work, if you do not comply you will not be able to hand in the missed work at a later date.

    5. No food or drinks are permitted in the classroom

    6. Cell phones/electronic devices- these should not be visible during class time. If a project requires students to use the internet on their phones to research a topic, permission will be given to indicate that students should take their phones out.

    7. Presentable work- work must be presentable when turned in. Ripped papers, sloppy work will not be accepted.

    8. Late assignments will have points deducted each day it is late

    9. Academic Honesty- any task assigned, whether it be homework or a major research paper must be your original work. Outside sources must be cited, and copying from a classmate, the internet or any other source is not acceptable, and will result in a zero on the assignment. Academic dishonesty will also be reported to your academy principal, parent and documented. It will not be tolerated. If you have any questions on what constitutes copying, please see me.

    10. Extra Help- If you are ever absent or simply need extra instruction please come to me for assistance. I am available before school from 6:30am-7:30am and after school from 1:55pm-2:25 pm.  

    Contact: Email: jsanders@longbranch.k12.nj.us                                                                                Phone: 732-229-7300







    Student Contract

    Name: ________________________

    Class: Day________ Period_________


    Please fill out this form and return it immediately. At the top, please print your name and class period in the lines provided. Please read the statement below and sign and date where needed.


    I have reviewed the Sociology Syllabus for Mrs. Sanders’ class and understand the classroom rules and expectations as well as the consequences for breaking these rules. I am aware of the class outline, attendance and tardy policies, and grading procedures. I also understand that if I need extra help, or have any concerns I can contact Mrs. Sanders  via email or telephone, or after school has ended to discuss these issues.


    Student’s Name (Printed): ___________________________________

    Student’s Signature: _________________________________________

    Date: __________________


    Parent/Guardian Name (Printed): ______________________________

    Parent/Guardian Contact Number: _____________________________

    Parent/Guardian Email Address: _______________________________