• Content being taught-Level I & Level II
    Parenting and family readiness
    Prenatal care- mom/fetus
    Labor and Delivery options/choices/procedures
    Caring for Newborn- infant health and wellness skills
    Development of child birth -6 years; Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social Development- Level II
    Lesson 1
    Explore students early childhood with poetry
    " Children live what they learn"
    Lesson 2- Am I ready to be a parent?
    discuss factors to consider: finances, health, maturity and desire
    assignment- write a letter to a friend who thinks they are ready.... urge them to wait
    Lesson 3- Ovulation, conception and fetal development
    understand how pregnancy occurs
    a closer look at fetal development and the sequential and chronological order of development
    Collaborative and Cooperative Team Project- visual time line of fetal development
    Lesson 4- Independent research- fetal Dangers, substances to avoid during pregnancy to promote healthy fetal development.
    Use of computer labs- Power Point and Gallery Walk
    Lesson 5- Birth Defects- causes, detections(tests) and types
    Lesson 6- Pregnancy Loss
    Lesson 7- Finding a prenatal care provider ( who)
    Lesson 8- Going to the first prenatal exam
    Lesson 9- Where and How to give birth
    Lesson 10- Baby Basic Needs- calculating the costs of all the supplies needes for the first year of life.
    Lesson 11- Feeding options- bottle or breast; which suits you best?
    Lesson 12- Baby names, baby showers, pack your bags
    Lesson 13- Labor and Delivery/Egg Baby Project
    Lesson 14- The newborn- common characteristics, evaluations and tests to determine overall health and wellness
    Lesson 15- Infant health and wellness - caring for the newborn, demonstrations and posters
    Lesson 16- Post Partum Depression