• All sewing students will create a Sewing portfolio that reflects all the projects completed.  Portfolios are collected and graded at the end of marking period 1 and 2 and graded summative.

    Important update/change- project reflection and quiz after each completed project
    Teacher Demo and record all projects- show to students in class, take notes, tackle project more independently.
    Topics of Interest:
    1. Sewing Tools and Supplies-identify basic tools used and how to properly use them.
    2. Learn How to hand sew-basic hand stitches\button & hand stitch sample
    3. Sewing Machine Identification & How to Operate- identify parts on machine, learn their names and define functions
       A. no thread sewing
       B. thread machine
       C. wind bobbin
       D. practice sewing with fabric
    1st project- machine sew LB plush football, hand stitch applique
    Summative Assessment scheduled for next week- machine diagram and definitions worth 64 points.  All students were provided with materials to study.
     Oct 1- progress reports handed out. SAP assistance offered.
    4.  Pattern symbols
       A.  identify 6 common symbols
       B. define and draw
       C.  Application of pattern symbols
    5. Using marking tools to transfer symbols
    A. teacher demo use of tracing wheel and paper
    B. students apply skill when using bubble letter pattern
    2nd project- Stuffed Bubble Letters
    Oct 8- Guest Speaker Randi Hopman from ConKerr Cancer
    3rd project- ConKerr Cancer Charity Pillowcase
    October 21- Count your buttons day
    4th project- Serger tissue pack or Halloween bag
    November 10- end of MP 1- collection of portfolio
    The history of Tie Dye
    1st project- tie dye t-shirts
    Fusible lesson- Interfacing and Stitch Witchery
    learn how to apply, purpose of use
    HW- First Five- 3 national days celebrated on November 17- research and reflect on the one you want to celebrate the most
    2nd project- Zipper purse applying fusible materials and skills
    3rd project- scarf with teacher You Tube demo
    4th project- Holiday stocking
    5th project- Latch Hook with teacher demo
    When we return from winter break:
    final project- incorporates technology with quilting