The student will be provided instructional opportunities in the course material, grasping concepts and skills in order to be able to:

    • Demonstrate ethical computer usage
    • create, enhance and modify documents for academic and business use
    • perform efficient internet searches
    • perform tasks necessary for online testing


     Students will complete the course with a clear understanding of how to operate the computer and perform tasks to create documents for personal and professional use.

    Learning Activities include teacher lecture and demonstration, high order questioning, student participation, note-taking, cooperative learning, and hands-on skills applications using technology. 

    Related Standards: 

    NJCCCS-Educational Technology

    8.1.12.A.01           Construct a spreadsheet enter data and use mathematical or logical functions to manipulate data generate charts and graphs and interpret the results.

    8.1.12.A.02           Produce and edit a multi-page document for a commercial or professional audience using desktop publishing and/or graphics software.

    8.1.12.A.04           Create a personalized digital portfolio that contains a resume, exemplary projects and activities which together reflect personal and academic interests achievements and career aspirations.

    8.1.12.D.1       Demonstrate appropriate application of copyright fair use and or Creative Commons to an original work.
    8.1.12.D.2       Evaluate consequences of unauthorized electronic access (e.g. hacking) and disclosure and on dissemination of personal information.
     8.1.12.D.4            Research and understand the positive and negative impact of one's digital footprint.
    8.1.12.D.5            Analyze the capabilities and limitations of current and emerging technology resources and assess their potential to address personal social lifelong learning and career needs.