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    The School Based Youth Services Program (SBYSP) was started in 1987 to help young people navigate their adolescent years, finish their education, obtain skills leading to employment or continuing education, and graduate healthy and drug free. Our program was established in 1988 and has maintained a collaborative partnership between the Department of Children and Families and the local community agencies.  We are located on the 2nd Floor of the High School. 
    SBYSP provides an array of services to adolescents including:
    • Mental health and family services
    • Healthy youth development
    • Access to primary and preventative health service
    • Substance abuse counseling
    • Employment services
    • Pregnancy prevention programs
    • Learning support services
    • Family involvement
    • Referrals to community based service
    • Recreation 
    Youth who were involved in SBYSP showed:

         Increased educational aspirations and higher accumulation of credits
         toward graduation
         Diminished feelings of unhappiness, sadness, depression and suicidal thoughts
         Improved sleep habits and less worrying
         Less destructive behavior and feelings of anger
         Decreased use of tobacco and alcohol
         More and improved interaction with families and friends
         Better use of contraceptives to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases 

    SBYS Director

    Kathy Celli, MBA, RN

    (732) 229-7300 EX:41650 



    SBYS Secretary

    Almira Luccarelli

    (732) 229-7300 EX:41650


    Medical Data Secretary

    Karla Mendez

    (732) 229-7300 EX:41660 


    Nurse Practitioner 

    Virginia Carreira, DNP,RN,APN
    (732) 229-7300 EX:41655 

    Student Awareness Counselor (SAC)

    Nicole Catalano, LPC, LCADC 

    (732) 229-7300 EX:41009



    Youth Development Specialist

    Nikkia Blair, MSW,CPC

    (732) 229-7300 EX:41653


    New Jersey Department of
    Children & Families