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    Room # 411 
    School: Long Branch High School 
    Department: Science 
    School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
      Class/ Grade: Biology/ 9th Grade
    Email: arosa@longbranch.k12.nj.us 

     SAP Hours:




    2:00-2:30 PM

  • Blank Lab Template 



    Title should be descriptive and don’t worry if the title seems a little lengthy.





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    Author: Your Name

    Group Members: Names of group members

    Date: Date of the lab

    Period: Period that you did the lab in

    Class: Name of the class







     Do not use personal pronouns, such as I, you, she, he, her, we etc. Write in third person past tense.

    Write in paragraph form

    -State the purpose of the lab


    -Explain the theory behind the concepts. In other words, talk about the background knowledge behind the lab.


    -Summary of procedures: What did you do in the lab? Short summary of Procedures


    -Summarize the results


    -What are the conclusions from the results? Explain what was learned from the lab. Explain how the information can be applied.


    Describe possible sources of error in lab that might have influenced the results. Include what could possibly be done to improve your results the next time.










    Can be written in paragraph form or step form. It depends on your teacher’s preference.


    Summarize the procedures in Past Tense, in your own words of what you did in the lab

    Do not copy the every procedure.   Only include key details.











    Description of the outcome of the experiments performed. If the results include data, you should present them in a data table, and  possibly a graph, which is attached to end of report. Results should refer specifically to each of the diagrams/tables/graphs.











    -All diagramstables and graphs should be numbered in the order in which they appear in the report.


    Attach data to end of report


    Staple lab packet to the back of the report