Photo of the front of the High School The School of Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) focuses on providing opportunities of study for students who express interest in the above disciplines in preparation for post-secondary study or for entry into related professions.

The science strand guides students with a particular interest in scientific fact and methodology. Students become involved with all aspects of the scientific process and develop a solid proficiency in foundation knowledge. From there, students have the opportunity to further explore and study various specialized scientific methodologies including earth-based sciences, genetic studies, biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science and forensics.  Students within this strand are guided accordingly for post-secondary studies and post-secondary career opportunities.

Although technology is available and greatly utilized, there is also a course of study available and dedicated to students with a particular interest in technological fields. Students enrolled in this strand of academic pursuit are exposed to curriculum designed to familiarize them with all phases of computer applications and usage.  The course of study is arranged so that students may then pursue avenues of interest in the technology sector.  These students also receive guidance on post-secondary courses of stud and career counseling opportunities for those interested in immediately entering the professional sector.

The engineering strand exposes students to an environment of real-world learning situations and hands-on experiences. Students are engaged through a combination of activities that are project and problem based. The learning environment prepares students to solve real-life problems and participate as part of a team, as a team leader and a public speaker and to conduct research, understand real-world impacts, analyze data and learn outside the classroom.

The mathematics strand allows for the growth of students from the early stages of applications and theory to the potential inclusion in advanced placement classes and other divisions of advanced study. Students acquire a solid command of the foundations of mathematics and receive guidance and exposure to mathematic-related post-secondary courses of study and professional opportunities.

Students enrolled in the School of Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are also enrolled in classes which fulfill all state and local graduation requirements. Classes in English, social studies, world languages and physical education/health are emphasized and required for all students.  The curriculum for each of the disciplines meets or exceeds all college-preparatory requirements and lends itself to providing all students with a well-rounded and diversified academic experience.

The uniformity of dress policy was adopted during the 2004-2005 school year. All preschool through grade 12 students are to wear khakis with green, white, or gray tops.